Lowen with third 4-pounder

Tommy Sanders mentioned on the LIVE show that Bill Lowen must have gotten mad yesterday.

He had a sub-par performance on Day 1, but Day 2 Lowen has definitely channeled his inner beast. He’s just put his third 4 pound plus fish in his well. All of them in the 4-12 or 4-13 range.

With three like that he has 19 pounds and change, two small fish still in the well and on the verge of slipping into the top 10. That is a hug salvage for him in this derby.

Leaving St. Lawrence in range of winning an AOY and stumbling on Day 1 just might have made him mad. He’s getting back in range all of the sudden.

When we get to the end of this season, and if Lowen is close going into the final, we can possibly look at this day as a key moment in the outcome.