Loughran happy to make cut

Ed Loughran started Day 3 in 26th place, and he’s very happy about that. Loughran‘s first two Elite tournaments have been tough. He finished 55th at Eufaula and 60th at the St. Johns River.

Right when we arrived on him today, Loughran caught a 3-pound smallie.

Ed, who is a lawyer in Virginia, is drifting in the river and targeting fish that are schooling behind rocks or humps to avoid the current.

He did make one journey into Lake Ontario yesterday, a 20-mile run to fish one rock. And it paid off with his best fish of the day, a 4.8.

His first two days here have been consistent, with about 18 pound bags both days.

“I’m happy with that, very happy,” he said. “I’ve struggled to to do well on Day 1 of Elite tournaments, and I don’t have an explanation why.”

“I’m looking forward to Champlain. I’ve fished there a lot with the Opens, mostly targeting smallmouth. I’ll probably do that again.”