Local knowledge

Cliff Prince didn’t stay in Dunn’s Creek long. He quickly headed down the river, apparently falling back on his local experience on the St. Johns River.

He made one stop, watching his graph, and then on a second stop off a main River point apparently liked what he saw on his electronics.

He added two more fish to his livewell. He should have 5 or 6 pounds.

My boater, Dylan Ettinger, said he’s working shell bars. “A lot of the locals, that’s all they fish,” Ettinger said. “The fish will gang up in them.”

Ettinger said he didn’t expect Prince to spend a ton of time in any one bar, however. “Either they’re there or they‘re not,” the young angler said. “That’s why fishermen don’t stay long. If they don’t bite in the first 10 minutes they aren’t going to bite.”