Livesay's frog tactic

"What people are missing is the frog bite bass are shallower than they think."

And with that, Lee Livesay took the first lead of the fog-delayed day. Livesay has a no-brainer of a reason why he is fishing in 1 foot of water.

"The fish at that depth are feeding on bluegill," he said. "And, the fish can see and react to the frog better in a foot of water."

As opposed to the much deeper depth range other frog guys are fishing. The bluegill-shallower water equation pattern is clearly something different than what others are doing.

Meanwhile, guys fishing with frogs out in deeper water are competing with the hoards of tiny shad that are being fed upon by the bass, which are ignoring their lures.

BASSTrakk shows Livesay with a 4-pounder that pushed his overall weight to 30 pounds, 3 ounces.