Lintner surprised by smallmouth

This might be the most surprising thing that occurred yesterday on Table Rock Lake: Jared Lintner weighed-in five smallmouth bass. No one was more surprised than Lintner, who started catching smallmouth bass in practice where there would ordinarily be largemouth bass.

"I've probably fished here a dozen times over the years," said Lintner, who has won over $1 million in his BASS career. "The first smallmouth I ever caught here was this week.

"I'm fishing areas where you typically catch largemouth. I don't know why the smallmouth are there. I caught some on big line and a big stick."

Hey, Lintner isn't griping, just wondering. And he is catching bass again today. He's caught nine, according to BASSTrakk, and is pushing Caleb Sumrall for the lead in the tournament. It will be interesting to see whether the fish he's catching today continue to be smallmouth bass.