Lillard, Mccaffery changing strategy

Tennessee boater Toby Lillard and Mississippi non-boater Caleb Mccaffery started the morning fishing for spawning bass in the Seneca River.

Unfortunately, the 3-pound bass Lillard found would not commit to any bait he threw at them. Now, the two anglers are fishing secondary points off the main lake area, hoping to fill out their limits.

Lillard said he had found 20 pounds of bass on bed during practice, but the weather changes hurt his chances at catching those fish.

The two anglers have thoroughly fished the same point for the last 20 minutes and Mccaffery has swung and missed on a couple of bites. 

Mccaffery caught 2 bass for 5-10 on Day 1, good enough for 20th place in the overall non-boater standings.