Lester's lures

While Jacob Wheeler is firing up a school of offshore smallmouth there is more fired up action along the shoreline. That is where Brandon Lester is catching one smallmouth after another.

Lester is following a textbook strategy of fishing isolated rocks near shoreline funnel points that create current. That is key for washing baitfish past the smallmouth using the rocks as ambush points.

Lester is using a drop shot and Ned rig. He makes that rig with a 1/8-ounce Mustad Grip Pin Ned Head with about 3 inches of an X Zone Lures True Center Stick. For the drop shot he is using an X Zone Lures Slim Slammer. He rigs that to a No. 4 Mustad Titan X Wacky Neko Hook and a 1/4-ounce drop shot weight.