Lehew's recharged spot

In a matter of minutes Shane Lehew put two keepers in his livewell to take the lead in the BASSTrakk standings with a weight today of 18 pounds, 5 ounces (41-5 overall). While fighting at the boat keeper #4 another larger smallmouth appeared. On LIVE Lehew mentioned the fish was nipping at the sinker. Soon as the hooked fish was placed in the livewell, LeHew dropped his bait overboard and caught keeper #5. And it was indeed bigger at 4-4.

Nearby was Chris Johnston. He said the mutual shared area spanned about 500 yards, but “there are only about three sweet spots.” Lehew is obviously on one of those spots.

“It should replenish on Friday,” Johnston told me on Thursday. That has clearly happened and the action looks to be heating up.