Leaders within sight of each other

Arkansas River veteran angler Jason Christie was asked yesterday how this tournament would be won today. The Park Hill, Okla., pro was a pre-tournament favorite. He was in 15th place on Day 1, but finished 38th after catching two bass on Day 2. Christie spent both days in the Kerr pool.

"It's going to be won right over there, like it always is," Christie said, pointing to the area just outside Three Forks Harbor.

That just happens to be where all three current leaders - John Garrett, Dale Hightower and Stephen Browning - are fishing. Steve Bowman is photographing all three this morning. He reports they're within sight of each other, about a half-mile apart, "doing what every Arkansas River fisherman does, flipping wood."

The area has plenty of wood cover and lots of fish are released in and around Three Forks Harbor, as it provides an ideal tournament setting. Christie has reminded himself of this every time he competes here, "but I never do it," he said.

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