Leaderboard is highly volatile

The past hour-and-a-half has served as an example of how unpredictable Lake Guntersville is right now, especially as it concerns the leaders in this tournament. Around 11:30, Scott Canterbury had moved into a three-way tie with Brandon Cobb and Chad Morgenthaler atop the unofficial BASSTrakk leaderboard.

At 12:50, Cobb was still in first place, but tied with Stetson Blaylock now. Morgenthaler dropped down to 10th place before moving back up to 7th, and Canterbury is 9th.

This is cut day, when only the top 40 anglers will advance to compete on Day 3. Undoubtedly the position jockeying is happening around the cut line as well. The Day 1 40th-place weight was 11-9. Therefore, we're probably looking at a cut weight around 22 pounds.

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