Lane culls way up

Chris Lane was making his second pass around the reed head where he'd just lost a giant. He told  us the fish he lost was a 7- or 8-pounder. 


"I've been good for two of those a day," Lane said, matter-of-factly. 


Then he set the hook on another good fish, and managed to  get this  one in the boat. 


"I'd just told my (marshal) where there's one, there's usually two or  three," Lane said, after a lot of hooping and hollering subsided. 


This one he estimated at five pounds, and it allowed  him to cull a keeper-size bass. In other words, it was right at a four-pound cull. 


"One more, one more," shouted Lane as he fired up his outboard to move  a short distance. 


It was a good way for James Overstreet and I to leave Lake Okeechobee for the day. Overstreet will have a full gallery of Lane-sanity later today.