Lake Fork is as slick as glass

In the middle of the last two blogs, I actually ran out of the cabin to get a handful of breakfast burritos at the Minnow Bucket down the road.

Those who have been to Lake Fork, know of the Minnow Bucket. You should know they make an excellent breakfast. None of that matters except my trip took me over the Highway 154 bridge.

I was struck by another mainstay of Lake Fork. Typically the wind blows in Texas everyday. It’s especially true on Lake Fork. It wasn’t overly strong yesterday, but all day yesterday there was a chop on the water.

Wind is your friend most days. Today, though, Lake Fork is as slick as glass. That will change because this is Texas. But it’s surprising to see the catch rates go up without even a whisper of a ripple on the water. Might scare you to think of what might happen when the wind does blow.