Lake Fork has not disappointed

Day 3 produced a few surprising moments. Currently, we aren’t sure if those things were harbingers of things to come or if Day 3 was just one of those special days.

We know it was special for Brandon Cobb. He caught an 11 pound, 1 ounce giant, plus two more that were 8-13 and 8-8. All of that building a 37 pound, 15 ounce limit. Cobb is well on his way to the century mark as are a few others.

Lake Fork has not disappointed in the least. As we’ve watched this derby progress, it seems as if it just gets better every day. But we know better than to expect that. There are some questions, though, we look forward to getting answers. Will Chad Pipkens’ honey hole produce today? How many of these guys will catch 100 pounds total? Is Brandon Cobb’s 11-1 safe as the big bass of the derby? Is Brandon Cobb safe as the leader? After all we saw Pipkens’ give up a 9-pound lead on Day 3.

There’s just a lot of fun these next 8 hours watching and waiting for these questions to get answered.