Kilpatrick and Dubose with two

After how practice played out, Jon Kilpatrick and Dan Dubose of Alabama figured 13 pounds per day could get you in the Top 25 to qualify for the National Championship.

“We figured someone would catch 18-20 a day and win it with close to 60 pounds,” Dubose said. “Even when it’s tough out here, someone always figures it out.”

In 2018, it took 41-6 to win over two days and 25th place finished with 27-3. For the most part the conditions align with 2018, but the lake has been slightly lower (6 feet) than two years ago (4 feet). With all the rain this week, the lake should be rising. 

Kilpatrick and Dubose have two fish in the boat. One is a largemouth and the other was a line-burner spotted bass. They are happy to have two fish right now though. Both fish came from a brush pile, which is indeed different than the thousands of acres of standing timber.