Kennedy's magical place

Steve Kennedy started the day in sixth place and BASSTrakk shows him in now in the lead. Here is a backstory about why he likes his fishing area so much.

During one of the canceled days I visited the Kennedy's at their campsite at Salt Springs Recreational Area, located in the Ocala National Forest. The destination gets its name from a spectacular mineral spring rising from cracks deep in the earth that is accessible to visitors.

As a youngster and teenager, Kennedy took family trips there, and now he's passed his fondness on to the spring to his wife Julia and their two children, Sophia and SJ.

After we finished my work, I was treated to a guided tour of the spring, where the Kennedy's had already spent time snorkeling and viewing manatee, blue crab and other animals.

"It's just a really neat place and these springs stay around 70 degrees, which is why the manatee winter here."

He continued, "We come here for vacations too, just like I did when I was a kid, and it's fun to teach our kids about the area."

Kennedy went on to talk about the obvious virtues of the springs as those relate to bass fishing. And especially so this year. Water temperatures are in the low 60s (although on the rise) and that explains why the springs eventually feeding into Lake George are so productive.

Kennedy isn't fishing in the spring but he is in the area.