Kennedy taking wife's advice

"Don't overthink it!"

That was the advice that Julia Kennedy gave to her husband. And according to her, she gives him such advice on a regular basis. He must be listening. BASSTrakk shows Kennedy in fifth place with 11-14 with an limit anchored by a largemouth weighing 5-4.

I visited the Kennedys yesterday to videotape them for a new video series. That's where I picked up Julia's line.

It's no secret that Kennedy is a swimbait aficionado and a lure tinkerer. So that could be his bait of choice. What else I learned on my field trip to their camp in Salt Springs was that as a youngster Kennedy's family took him to the famous springs of that area. He developed a fondness for those springs flowing into the St. Johns River.

Kennedy lamented to me about the lack of water in those areas, and the difficulty in navigating them. But he may be onto something. Let's hope so and that like Julia says, not to overthink it. Simplicity might be the key here, as the fish aren't as active as normal.