Kelley Jaye back on the scoreboard

Kelley Jaye put his first fish in the livewell since his well-documented hook-in-the-hand incident earlier this morning. It was a 2-8, which allowed him to cull a 1-12. Jaye’s still in the thick of this competition. He’s got 16-4 on the day, and there wasn’t a more confident angler at the Day 2 weigh-in that Jaye. (Well, Matt Herren’s confidence level probably matched it.)

The 4-pounder that sent Jaye to the bank for emergency treatment was caught at 8:20. He was back on the water in about 90 minutes. But it took another 90 minutes to put another keeper in the boat, which came at 11:18. Basically, Jaye accidentally put himself in a 3-hour penalty box, and he’s still in 5th place, unofficially.