Jones strikes again

Alton Jones appears to have reclaimed the lead from Seth Feider on this Championship Sunday of the Plano Bassmaster Elite at the Mississippi River presented by Favorite Fishing. The short, fat largemouth he just brought in weighed 3 pounds. That was heavier than it looked, so he weighed it again just to be sure. It culled a 2-5.

His 61-3 is just ahead of Feider's 61-1, if BASSTrakk is to be believed. Note that Feider's 19-plus string Friday was almost 2 pounds heavier than the BASSTrakk estimate for him.

"I'm a 5-pounder away from being in the thick of things," Jones said. If he doesn't catch a 5, Steve Bowman pointed out, this tournament may end in a tie. A fish-off would determine the winner.