Jocumsen's jet lag

After practicing and then having three days off the water many of the pros are in practice and/or reboot mode. Carl Jocumsen is among them but with an added twist.

Jocumsen and his wife Kayla spent the week prior to the tournament in Australia for the wedding of Carl's cousin. They took a 20-hour flight back to Orlando and drove to Palatka for the tournament. Carl only had one day of practice.

"How this tournament sets up is the off days brought everything back to a level playing field," he said. "So what I lost in practice I gained with the off days, with most all of us beginning over, like a practice day."

A power fisherman by trade, Jocumsen knows he must slow down to keep up with the metabolism of the fish.

"I have so many rods on the front deck, but I must be careful not to fish too fast, because these fish are not as active as they were earlier in the week.

So far so good. BASSTrakk shows Jocumsen in eighth place.

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