Jocumsen likes it tough

“These are exactly the tournaments I like, and I would like to see them all like this.”

That began the reasons why Carl Jocumsen likes the tough bite. In fact, he dislikes it when the bite is on.

“I want them on tough lakes, during tough times of the year, where every cast is a grind.”

Yesterday, Jocumsen got his wish. He moved into fifth place with 13 pounds, 11 ounces.

The reason why Jocumsen likes it so tough is that’s how his career has gone. He came here from Australia in 2011, knowing very little about bass fishing. He qualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series, fell out of the tour, joined the FLW Tour, and then fought his way back into the Elites via the Bassmaster Opens. Nothing has been easy. When success has come, it’s been through grinding it out.

Jocumsen runs on a constant flow of positive energy. He’s never down. When he does get knocked down he meets adversity with a positive mindset.

Today, the weather is completely different. The cloudy conditions will straighten the curve about who will persevere.

“The fishing is going to get better, which I don’t want, and I hope the fishing is not good, so I can go back and put my head down and grind it out.”

Yep, he said it. And moments ago moved into second place after putting into the livewell a spotted bass weighing just one pound.

“You never know, it matters at the end,” he said.