Hunter's body language

John Hunter is an animated angler. He’s not hyper. But you can read his body language fairly easily. He’s got a lot of energy in his casts. And it transfers to his stance when he’s reeling in.

Where it’s really evident is when he misses a fish. In the last few minutes he’s made a couple of long casts that start with a mighty heave that brings his right leg up like a heron standing in the water. And ends with him following the bait with his rod tip pointed at the flying lure. Then he’s ripped his bait through the grass. Felt a bite. Made a mighty hook set.

All of that is very fluid. But in both cases he missed, which produced obvious pain. Followed by a series of crow hops on his front deck. 

It’s easier to watch than the stoic, never-moving angler. But even we feel the pain when the hookset doesn’t find its way home.