Hudnall left confident Saturday

Derek Hudnall weighed the second-biggest bag of the tournament yesterday, and left Chickamauga Lake as maybe the most confident angler in this tournament. His five-bass limit - one of only 20 limits caught Saturday - weighed 18-1 and moved him up 49 places in the standings to 17th. 
"We've spent all practice trying to fish where they should be and they haven't been there yet," Hudnall said Saturday. "They are today. And I think they're coming to me. It's just that time of year. The fish are migrating, they're transitioning right now."
Hudnall said he was fishing in the back of a pocket, adding, "I honestly think they just moved back there today. These fish are white, white, white. They're coming out of deep water."
At noon today, BASSTrakk shows Hudnall without a keeper. Was his confidence misplaced on this lake which hasn't allowed any of that, or is this a timing deal that will turn on eventually?
Hudnall could use another big day. He's making a run at a Bassmaster Classic berth, coming off a 10th-place finish at Santee Cooper last week. He was 48th in AOY points based on yesterday's standings.