How many made the long run?

We're not sure how many anglers made the 200-miles-plus round trip to Galveston Bay through the Intracoastal Waterway, but we know that some did. However, Mike McClelland wasn't one of those who did.

McClelland finished second in 2015 by making that long run every day. It leaves you only a couple of hours to fish, but, as McClelland proved, it can be worth the effort.

"I just assumed with the conditions being what they are that more guys will make the run than there has been in the past," McClelland said yesterday. "There's not a lot of water to fish in the first place. With it being the time of year it is, the conditions aren't the same, and you don't catch 'em the same way over there as I did the previous two times we've been here.

"But it's not as good (in the Sabine) as I expected it to be, so I think more guys will gamble and run. I'm not going to do it the first two days. If I get fortunate and get to fish on Saturday, I might consider it."