Hollen, Lester making big moves

It wasn't shocking to see Cody Hollen struggle yesterday on the St. Johns River. He's the B.A.S.S. Nation qualifier from Beaverton, Oregon. Hollen weighed one bass that left him in 71st place. It was a bit of a shock to see Elite Series veteran Brandon Lester with a zero yesterday. But a cold front in Florida can do that to anyone.

But both Hollen and Lester are making up for it today. Both have put 6-pounder in the boat near the noon hour. BASSTrakk now shows Hollen in 17th place with 15-14 on the day and Lester in 21st place with 17-14 today.

With those two anglers as the primary examples, you're probably going to see plenty of other wild swings in the standings from Day 1 at the end of the day today.

Remember, only the top 20 anglers will fish in the final on Monday. Both Hollen and Lester have given themselves a chance to be there.