High-pressure skies today

Chad Pipkens started on his honey hole this morning and did not scratch up a bite. He did get hung up a time or two, but has yet to catch anything.

He’s now moved on, hitting the bank trying to chase the shad spawn. There might be some concern that this magical spot that has basically produced almost 63 pounds of fish in two days has dried up. But we will withhold judgement.

On Day 2, it was an hour later in the day before Pipkens had a bite there, so there’s still time for this place to start producing.

One big change is this is the first day these anglers have fished Lake Fork under high-pressure skies. My expectation is that will make it better for some, worse for others. But it’s a bright, beautiful day in these parts. While sun typically positions fish quickly, it’s been so long since it’s beamed like this, some of the fish could be stunned by it.