Herren doing it his way

When interviewing Matt Herren you always knows where he stands on a topic. It’s all black and white. Herren is doing what he wants to do, ignoring the prevailing offshore pattern.

“I’m doing my deal. A long rod, heavy weight and soft plastic, all fished over the grass,” he said.

What Herren refuses to do is get into the heavily pressured ledge fishing rotation of spots. Here is why, as told in his own words.

"The big thing about fishing this style of tournament is there are no secrets. Everybody finds the same stuff. When you go to your first spot you don’t know if anybody will already be there, or has already been there, or how the fish are going to set up. It’s all luck of the draw. Every time I get involved in that deal somebody is already there or it messes with my mind they already fished it out.”

And then this nugget.

"My elementary school teacher sent me home with a note for my parents that Matt don’t play well with others. I don’t play well with other fishermen. Fishing is not a social sport. It is an individual sport meant to be done alone, and I don’t like company."

And there you have it. Words of wisdom and candid observations from the current tournament leader.