Headed to the "hot spot"

Check out the number of boats in this one area! Every little black dot in this image is a bass boat, and that’s only about half of them... 

As one of the BASS photographers, today I have taken on the challenge of covering what I’m calling “the hot spot”. This area has produced an absurd amount of fish, keeping flocks of Elite anglers and locals on it all week. This large flat is fished by throwing drop shots and crank baits with the help of live sonar to locate smallmouth. This is an area that piles up with more boats as the day progresses. At the moment, I’m able to count out about 20 boats, all fishing this one area. 

I began the day trying to focus on the top 10, which have mostly been fishing here... But, the Elite angler count in this area is so high, I’ve managed to capture anglers from top to bottom of the leaderboard with fish catches on each one. With only tomorrow left, we’ll see if this spot continues to play a huge roll in this tournament.