Head scratcher

I’m sure a lot of folks are scratching their heads wondering how Aaron Martens could be sitting on a zero in a fish factory.

Few have scratched harder than we have in the camera boat. Martens, though, seems to have gotten hard headed as far as the places he’s chosen to fish.

Many of them are the spots that produced so well in the first two days. And were good enough to scratch out a limit yesterday. Martens, though, caught his heavier fish later in the day then.

We are only guessing but we assume he’s counting on those later-biting, heavier fish for the afternoon. What he may not be counting on is how well the fish are biting for the rest of the field. They are all shallow, real shallow, and getting the type bites that are moving them around in the standings.

Aaron has almost exclusively kept off the bank fishing spots that seem more suited for falling water than rising water. But we’ve learned to never second guess anglers like Aaron. We assume he’s wanting to fool one of those La Crosse giants that are just lurking in the shadows before heading to shallow cover.

We’ve seen him graph a lot of places. Looking for the right off shore place and even graphing the places he’s fished once more before moving on

But it’s past the halfway point in this day and Aaron likely needs to make a move toward putting fish in the well.