Hackney is no Bozo

Greg Hackney is like the surprise inside a box of Cracker Jack, you never know what you're going to get. However, it will always be entertaining.

Hackney told of his love for clowns, particularly Bozo the Clown, of Little Rock TV station KATV fame, on a recent segment of "Bassmaster LIVE." Co-host Mark Zona provided a photo of Hackney as a youngster with Bozo.

"I experimented with different clowns, but Bozo is No. 1," said Hackney, with a straight face.

As someone who grew up watching "The Bozo Show," I can appreciate Hackney's affection for the show, where the late Gary Weir as Bozo used to ask kids questions like, "Do you walk to school or carry your lunch?"

Hackney has also thoroughly explained, in all seriousness, his method for catching bass this week on the Sabine River. His main weapon so far has been a Strike King Hack Attack Select ToadBuzz, which is a squeaky buzzbait trailed with a soft plastic frog instead of a skirt.

"The big deal about it is you can really turn the reel handle slow," Hackney said. "I think (the frog) is better than a skirt."

BASSTrakk currently shows Hackney with a limit weighing 6-8, but he's got more weight than that, probably closer to 8 pounds, including a 3-plus-pounder caught on the BuzzFrog.