Hackney in his comfort zone

Greg Hackney is doing what he does best, beyond being in contention to win pretty much any given tournament where a shallow bite is in play. What he does best is go to battle with a stout flipping stick.

Take a look at this photo just taken by Andy Crawford and you can see why the Hack Attack is in third place going into today. 

Andy described the area where Hackney is fishing as "dirt shallow." He is flipping his bait as near the bank as possible, targeting isolated wood in 2 feet and less of water. The deepest water around is a 5-foot-deep channel. 

Hackney told Andy that he plans to stay here all day, which would make sense. My educated guess is that Hackney is guarding his area and buying time until the sun shines, repositioning the bass tighter to the cover, also creating pinpoint casting targets for his bait. 

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