Hackney on the board

It's not much but it counts. Actually, correction. It's a good start. 

The fish held by Greg Hackney weighs about 2 1/2 pounds in a tournament where quality will be key in order to catch up to current leader Brandon Dillard. 

The skies are still overcast but the light is improving, which could certainly help reposition Hackney's fish tight to the isolated woody shoreline cover that are his flipping targets. 

Meanwhile, BASSTrakk shows second-place angler Tommy Williams with 18 pounds, 8 ounces, but still nothing in his livewell. Should Hackney's catch weigh the 2 1/2 pounds then he moves into second, or about 5 pounds behind current leader Brandon Dillard. 

On Thursday, Dillard depended on the strength of an early shallow bite. Then, he capitalized on an offshore bite where he caught the 8-1 largemouth anchoring is limit weighing 24-9. 

There is a lot of fishing remaining, and when the sun does shine, so might Dillard. Or, Hackney may light it up doing what he does best. 

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