Getting crowded

Andy Crawford just blogged about a crowd forming just south of Union Springs where he is photographing the anglers. I just took a peek at the BASSTrakk map and it confirmed my suspicions from my first blog today.

On the map are three distinct locations where 7 or more boats are located. Chris Zaldain is with one group and Drew Cook and Chad Pipkens in another.

Brian Snowden laughed as if he already knew what was to come.

“It’s what the fish are preferring right now, and once you get 20 or more boats sharing those areas with grass it’s going to dwindle down pretty quick.”

Brandon Lester agreed.

“The grass still will be a player, there’s only so much for them to get on,” he said. “If everyone finds the same stuff it could get crowded.”

As the day’s first round stops begin to wane in productivity, the anglers are polarizing around what are destined to become the community holes of the week.

A later spring and high water are partially the reason why the grass is less dense than normal. And so is the annual mechanical harvest program administered by the county soil and conservation district. What could come into play is finding an area where the grass is dense but not yet mowed. You can be it will attract a sustainable population of tournament-winning fish.