Frazier stuck

Micah Frazier has been stuck on 96 pounds, 12 ounces, some 12 pounds or more out of the lead and just 3 pounds and change from the Century Club.

He’s in second place and still has time to make a move to the 100-pound mark. But Garrett Paquette is building at a pretty good pace at the moment, moving to third place.

Since 12:52 p.m., Paquette has added several pounds to his overall weight, catching three 3-pound class fish in less than five minutes.

We saw that kind of flurry for Paquette on Day 3 about this time. He actually has a chance at passing Frazier and a better chance at getting to the century mark.

But what it really indicates is the nature of what could be happening on the water. While several of these guys have been up shallow up to this point, Paquette, who has stuck to the off-shore bite is starting to make some noise.

That could bode well for him and the others, like Brandon Card and Keith Combs. If the off-shore bite picks up like it did yesterday, we will see some changes in the standings in the next two hours