Follow the leader

 I just slipped in and visited with Hartsell for a second. He's yet to catch his first keeper today and will likely move soon. He's running and gunning around the lake, scratching out bites here and there. 

He is acutely aware that Ortega is in second. And Ortega is likewise aware who Hartsell is. They each can't help but steal a glance on a regular basis to see what the other is doing. They are moving away from each other at the moment. But it's likely the two will cross paths again. 

Hartsell didn't last long in the area he and Ortega are sharing. He's moved deeper in the creek. 

He's still fishless and Ortega has three. Lot of time left in the day and for Hartsell a lot of places to hit. 

Ortega seems content to camp on a 1/2 mile stretch, while Hartsell seems to want to hit a lot of places. Two divergent strategies. It will be interesting to see which one rules the day.