The flipside of calm conditions

Weather patterns always impact tournament fishing and, while the slick, calm complexion that the post-frontal conditions laid across Days 1 and 2 certainly present a significant challenge, Paul Mueller acknowledged a benefit that helped him place second yesterday with 20 pounds, 8 ounces.

Mueller and sixth-place Todd Auten bucked the trend of fishing south (upriver) from take-off and made long runs downriver. Given what the previous two days delivered, he was a little unsure of what his options might be.

With the National Weather Service issuing high-wind advisories for Thursday and Friday, B.A.S.S. officials postponed the tournament’s start twice. Fortunately, once the cold front swept through, the classic “bluebird” conditions opened the door for anglers who would not have been able to run nearly as liberally in the recent windy conditions.

“I’m grateful that the weather calmed down,” Mueller said. “I was nervous (Thursday and Friday) with the wind that we had. I was debating whether I was going to go to the area I fished.”

Another slick morning on Day 2 was good news for anyone making long runs in any direction. That truth not only applies to primary game plans; there’s also a clear benefit in the ability to pick up and make a big change — something that windy conditions would obviously limit.