Fishing frenzy near Goose Pond

Not far from Goose Pond we came upon five Elite anglers mining a feeding frenzy. Three of the guys were catching bass on nearly every other cast. And not surprisingly, those three were at the top of the BassTrakk leaderboard, at least for now.

Pat Schlapper is in first with 14-6. Drew Benton is second with 11-4. And David Mullins is third with 10 pounds. All have limits.

Darold Gleason is in on the party with three keepers for 5-8. And Shane Lineberger is here as well, though we have not seen him catch a fish.

While the flurry was taking place the guys were joking and sharing information.

“I must be throwing the wrong thing,” said Lineberger. Benton tossed his lure over near Shane so he could see it. “I don’t have one of those,” said Lineberger.

“It’s the only one I have and they don’t make it anymore,” said Benton. “I sure hope I don’t lose it.”

So it’s, right place and right time for Lineberger, but the wrong lure. Thus are the vicissitudes of fishing, whether you are fishing for a living or just for fun.

He proceeded to depart the area. The frenzy has died down for everyone else and the party atmosphere has calmed down.