First hour fishing hot

If you're following the BASSTrakk Twitter feed, you've noticed that fish catches having been coming in hot and heavy since shortly after the 6:15 takeoff. This is going to be another St. Lawrence River shootout.

However, Gerald Swindle's 15-pound early limit should have an asterisk beside it, we suspect. Multiple 3-pounders caught at the exact same time 6:42 a.m. tends to indicate an "operator error" problem with the BASSTrakk phone. We are trying to confirm Swindle's actual weight but have been unable to reach his marshal.

No matter. There are plenty more bass that will be caught on the St. Lawrence River today. As the day progresses, keep an eye on the 20-pound mark. That's what several anglers predicted it would take - a 20-pounds-per-day average - to win this four-day tournament.