First Cast Bass. Good or bad?

Most anglers will have a superstition or two while on the water competing. Some don’t want bananas in the boat, some don’t get gas in the morning before a tournament and others don’t want to catch one on their first cast. Well I don’t really think it bothers Jake Whitaker that he caught a 4 pounder on his first cast of the day for Championship Sunday at Lake St. Clair. He started the day only 3-11 behind and in 9th place. This 4-0 has him started off in the right direction whether it was his first or 100th cast. Whitaker has learned a little more each day about St. Clair and as a result his weight has risen each day. He had 18-7 on Day 1 (34th), 21-10 on Day 2 (16th) and he brought 22-6 on Day 3 (9th) to qualify for today. Can he make the comeback today? We will see, but first cast is a good start

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