Fire, wind and bass

Throughout practice the anglers have battled the wind, which is a normality in these parts during April. Earlier in the week sustained winds of 25 mph with gusts to over 30 whipped the river into a muddy froth. While these Okie bass might be used to such conditions the anglers were hindered with the basics of boat control. Even so, photos submitted by anglers to the blog prove the fish are in spawning mode. 

Two factors coming up in the next few days could spell even better news for the fishing. The wind has subsided, by Oklahoma standards, and that will help improve water clarity, boat control and navigation. Second, daytime temps are forecast to rise each day. Low 60s are forecast today with the mid 60s in the mix for Friday. Warmer water and sunshine will help motivate spawners to move into place, making them easier to find and hopefully catch. 

Another battle is being waged on shore. Evidence of just how windy it’s been here is with the Rhea Fire, a “megafire” that has burned more than 260,000 acres since last week. It’s nearly contained but there are hotshot crews from as far away as Florida on hand to pitch in. This morning at breakfast in the hotel I met some of those guys, many of whom are bass fishermen. 

Let’s hope the fires go out and the bass fishing heats up.