Feider: "Are we just going to let him rot?"

On the surface, tournament bass fishing appears to be an individual sport. But every angler has an unofficial team of fellow competitors that he works with during practice and, occasionally, during a tournament.

Seth Feider and his Canadian buddies Cory Johnston, Chris Johnston, and Jeff Gustafson comprise one of those unofficial teams on the Elite Series. And these birds of a feather are sticking together today.

At 1:30, after Feider and Gustafson were catching a big smallmouth on almost every cast, Feider looked across the way at Gustafson and said, "Are we just going to let him rot?"

That was a cue for Gustafson to go get Cory Johnston and bring him to this hot spot. Cory's there now, and Feider is headed to the weigh-in, all but assured that he's won this tournament with another 26-pound bag.

"Hopefully Cory can win AOY, Gussy's got a nice sack, and it's all worked out good," said Feider before making the 17-mile ride back to Metro Park.