Expect fireworks late

All week one of the biggest storylines is whether or not making the long runs will pay off for four days in a row. This morning, Brock Mosley decided not to make the run to Houston and will be rewarded at least double the amount of time to fish. Although the Mississippi pro is behind by roughly three pounds on BassTrakk, he’ll have the rest of the day to fill his limit and upgrade rather than spend over two hours running.

On Day 3 of competition, we witnessed several anglers catch over 10 pounds in the same general area that Mosley is fishing. If Jason Christie doesn’t make significant upgrades by the time he has to leave, Mosley is going to be in a great position to take the lead within the last few hours of the day.

If Mosley can find a sweet stretch near takeoff, like we saw Seth Feider do on Day 3, then it could get really interesting this afternoon.