Ehrler's not stupid

Brent Ehrler thought about gambling all day in shallow water. But he fell back to his strength in deeper, clear water. While catching mostly spotted bass from the area, he put a 3-pound largemouth in his livewell just before 1 p.m.

"I kind of think I'd be stupid to go fish shallow," Ehrler said on "Bassmaster LIVE."

He's not stupid, but, just like the other 24 anglers today, he's blind to the standings. Ehrler started the day in 9th place, 7-7 behind leader Jason Christie.

"I'm only six pounds behind Christie right now, probably," Ehrler said. "I might as well just keep fishing my fish."

Smart decision. He has no idea that Christie is struggling, and BASSTrakk indicates Ehrler is now in third place, less than two pounds out of the lead.