Duckett, Jordon, Starks have agreement

The area where Boyd Duckett, Kelly Jordon and Jeremy Starks are playing bumper boats is operating under an agreement among the three: There are no rules.


"We're all going to fish on top of each other," Duckett explained Friday. "If they come up schooling, we're all going to throw at them, over the top of each other if we have to."


With 17-11 Friday, anchored by a 5-1 Carhartt Big Bass of the day, Duckett moved into second place. Starks is 21st and Jordon 25th.


"I'm fishing for largemouth a little more than they are," said Duckett, who didn't care to explain further at that point.


It will be interesting to hear the details of how you target largemouth in that three-man mass of casts.