Downright pleasant

The weather is being kind to us this week. It was rainy during their pre-practice period.

Today, though, downright pleasant. It’s 77 degrees, cloudy, and a little windy.

That’s a far cry from what was expected when we first set a June Classic in Texas. Some expected 100 degrees and miserable. Nowhere near that now. It will get warmer. But not near as hot as a typical June down here.

That makes this Classic unusual in a way. I’ve covered some of those blazing hot Classics from back in the day. They always gave us jackets that we couldn’t wear for months.

Another atypical thing is the water level. This is the first Classic I can remember when the water was in the bushes.

That will set up some interesting battles between man and fish in a backdrop of green bushes.

For a fan and spectator just another pleasantry for the sport’s biggest event.