Different day for Prince

Florida pro Cliff Prince has been spending a good amount of time in the same area he caught most of his 20 pounds from yesterday. But with very little to show for it.

He’s currently about 1/4 mile from the docks of the main launch site. It’s about 6 feet of water with an assortment of aquatic vegetation. That, and 8 to 10 feet of visibility makes it hard to catch finicky fish.

Yesterday it stayed cloudy for most of the day with a 10 to 12 mph north wind that really seemed to slow the field down.

Today it’s calm and mostly sunny, despite the cloud bank in the background of the above photo. I believe the current conditions have either forced the fish into a funk or pushed them deeper. 

Prince has hooked a few pickerel, but only has three average bass in his livewell at this point. The good news is he made some critical upgrades late yesterday, and he’s still got plenty of time.