DeFoe’s state of mind

“I know I am going to need about 20 pounds today to have a shot,” Ott DeFoe said. “But even that’s not a given.”

He’s not able to look at BASSTrakk, so he doesn’t know where he’s at. Twenty pounds would lock this derby up, and he’s one big bite away from it. A 6-pounder would be his golden nugget.

“I’m feeling good, not satisfied, and certainly not over confident,” he said. “I just want to catch another one. And that’ll never change whether I’m about to win the Classic or a weekend event at home. I love it, I just want to catch one more—and that’ll never stop.”

He said that the fish living under the dock are fat and weighing more than he was expecting.

“They’re feeding heavily, and it shows,” he laughed. “The river fish aren’t as fat, so these are helping me out tremendously.”

He caught a 6-pounder on Day 1, so we know they are available.