DeFoe credits Poche for "divine intervention"

Divine intervention came in the form of Keith Poche yesterday, according to Ott DeFoe. The first-day leader and tournament favorite is back in the lead today with 16-14 at 12:30. After adding another 3 1/2-pounder to his livewell and culling a smaller keeper, DeFoe gave credit to a chance meeting with Poche yesterday for his success this morning.

DeFoe explained that he was walking across the parking lot, headed toward a port-a-potty, when he saw Poche, who was frustrated by all the big fish he'd lost when fishing at the Fort Loudoun Dam Marina that day. It's within the rules for anglers to get advice from other competitors, and Poche told DeFoe he ought to give it a shot today. Later, Poche officially missed the top 25 cut after two days, finishing 36th.

"If I hadn't had to go to the bathroom, and Keith hadn't been standing there about to pull his hair out, who knows where I'd be right now," said DeFoe on "Bassmaster LIVE." "You can't beat divine intervention."