Cox has added motivation this week

John Cox started Day 1 like a race horse. Jumping out of the gate with five fish for 14 pounds, 2 ounces in the first hour. He is currently in 3rd place in BassTrakk. Marshal Tom Balachvili reported that Cox caught them with about 10 casts.

Cox may have some frustrations to work out this week. The Florida native has been in New York recently fishing on the St. Lawrence River in a BPT tournament, where he finished 10th. That situation created some problems for Cox because it meant he was fishing on the St. Lawrence, where the Elites will be competing next week, during the Bassmaster off-limits window.

The Bassmaster Elite Series competition rules are very clear that the off-limits period for events begins 28 days prior to the first practice day. This meant Cox was disqualified for the Bassmaster Elite Series tournament on St. Lawrence next week.

Might that DQ give Cox some extra motivation here at Lake Champlain?