Cox and Overton staying steady

Despite the sustained north wind barreling down on Ty Cox and Fisher Overton, the duo is staying steady with their weight. They started Day 2 in fifth place with 17-1. 

The Blue Mountain College team have another limit today and have culled twice since I arrived. They are in the 16-pound range after upgrading by half a pound and a pound on their two culls. 

“If we upgrade another pound, we are strapping down our rods and getting out of here,” Cox said. “Two 17-pound days should give us a shot heading into the final day.”

They are tucked in a field of trees right now fishing what looks like a perfect series of ditches with some high spots mixed in. It’ll be interesting to see how the other contenders fair because this team is staying consistent even under the high pressure of a blue-bird sky day.