Connell's spotted bass advantage

On Day 3 Dustin Connell was elated after catching a 3-pound spotted bass. The reason why is the central Alabama native cut his angling teeth by catching spotted bass.

Specifically, he learned his trade on the Coosa and Alabama river systems, where spotted bass are found in abundance. So is current and there is plenty of that right now on the Pearl River.

That key spotted bass might be a clue as to how this tournament will end.

Connell just admitted to avoiding a key area until now. Give him lots of credit for waiting until ideal conditions set up for a spotted bass bite. Those bass are more current driven than largemouth.

Connell is making quick runs to specific pockets with current breaks that are ideal for attracting spotted bass.

That is not to suggest that he will stick with this pattern all day. But it does give him a distinct advantage. He is doing something different from his peers. That has made all the difference this week for the top anglers. It might make a huge difference since his bite is best in the afternoon.